Monday, February 16, 2009

Why Indians cannot be Terrorists! A Goofy Spoof!!

1: Are invariably late and would have missed all the flights to blow up or get anywhere.
2: Talk too loudly and draw attention to themselves
3: Enjoy far too much the free flow of drinks & food on airlines to remember why they got on the plane in the first place
4: Would put down their weapons to gesticulate when talking
5: Are over eager — everyone would want to fly the plane they took over
6: Would argue with each other and start a fight on the plane
7: Can't keep anything secret — would have told everyone about it a week before the event
8: Would either carry a national flag to wave or stick on the windshield if driving
9: Would re-schedule the mission if it coincided with Indians playing cricket with anyone
10: Would fall over one another to take photos with any hostages taken