Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dubai and back part 1

A pal and her family had a stopover at Dubai on route to Germany and suggested we (hubby,5.5 year old daughter and moi) join them at Dubai. Hubby dearest being the sweetheart that he is, presented to me as a birthday treat , a 5 day trip to Dubai.
Wanting to avoid the 3 hr drive to Bombay to catch a flight, we chose our "national" carrier to do the honours....first mistake! We spent the three hours "saved" at the airport (flight delayed) and in the aircraft (technical passenger quipped...aircraft ko kya dhaka lagana padega). Ominous sign, we thought!
After a rather boring 3 hours, (except for kiddo who had a dekkho at the cockpit and a serious chat :) with the pilot about this and that and those) we were soon overhead the twinkling night lights of Dubai...the mood soared....myriad lights creating pretty patterns and manifold motifs and then touchdown.(not as impressive as Vegas, but yet.......)
A longish (over an hour) wait through the passport control and we were on route to the hotel. An efficient check in with an upgrade to a suite thrown in, holiday seemed to be commencing on a pleasant tone. Half an hour down settling into the very well appointed suite,I asked kiddo to hand me my purse/handbag. Poor little darling searched all over, no bag in sight............AAAARRGGHHHHH I had lost my bag!!!!!!!!! Left in the cab I suppose and being low on energy at that point, both hubby and me had not noted the registration number or asked for the fare slip. To cut the 2 hours story short to a one liner.....the honest cabbie returned with my bag and went away richer by a AED200 tip from a very grateful me. And then off to zzzzzzzzzzzzland!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Am I too old for this

Sigh...inspite of my best intentions, have not been able to spend time "moifying" my blog. 19th october here I come, tic toc tic toc. Hopefully post 19th I will be more inspired or perhaps JUST more older...........sigh. am I too old for this ????

Sunday, October 12, 2008

CAT&CHAOS birth pangs

Thought I would present myself with a blog on my birthday...its a week away..exactly. Methinks I owe my 42 years that little much.

So over this week I am going to try and convert this rudimentary excuse of a blog into a CAT&CHAOS which reflects more of moi . Wish me luck!