Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random musings--yet again!

Is it only me but I find it strange that my 8 year old daughter chooses to actively, nay vehemently, believe in the existence of God even though there is one parent who openly expresses agnostic views about the very concept!

I cannot pin this down to a lack of an inquiring spirit because, for the most, her innate nature compels her to question every phenomena she encounters till she finds assuage in form of a reasonable and logical explanation. So either to her nascent mind "God" intuitively seems too involuted and omnipotent a subject to hazard skepticism or the faith comes naturally to children and over time they may chose to believe otherwise or perhaps children have this overwhelming need to trust any entity that according to popular world view "protects" and "takes care of them" just like they do of parents......

In any case my hope is that her beliefs , whatever they be, will reinforce her moorings and propel her towards a fulfilled existence!