Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ve(wo)rse description of the goddess of insignificant stances....


A RUN down DITtY
CASHing in on not so MERE...
ROYally screwed INTEGRAL geometry!

CAT's eye view on definitions....

(based on an old blog entry)

A Realist is an Optimist in Wolf's Clothing.
A Realistic Optimist is one who keeps the wolf's clothes on standby!  
An Optimistic Realist is one who keeps the sheep's clothing on standby ! 

A Cynic is one who has tried and rejected both sheep's and wolf's clothing and thinks its best to stay naked!

A Pessimist is one who has a wardrobe full of sheep's and wolf's clothing, but will never try convinced it will cause severe allergies!

Thursday, October 14, 2010


When Humor vaporises, its all Gas!

Humor is fluid,Humor is dry,
Black can be Colored,
Sass can be Crass,
Greener on the other side...
is not all Grass !

copyright CAT