Monday, June 29, 2009

More Wisdom from UJJWAL :-D


Don't Grow Up!!

Mathematical Reason

All Grown Ups are Standard Normal Variates. Their mean is ZERO and their standard deviation is ONE.

Proof is given: Only Grown Ups can understand it. I've copied it.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

For old times sake........

My Anthem of Long Ago.....

Don't go where the path lead.....

Rather go where there is no path,

And leave a trail!!

AND UJJWAL'S RESPONSE (of long ago too)..... :-)

Contradictory Statement....

Path always leads to somewhere..... if there exists "somewhere", then "some path" must be there..a kind of one to one correspondence always can always find a diffeomorphism taking "some path" to somewhere. In the process you might find a Klein's bottle ....for the time being you can forget all these and try to solve Zeno's paradox!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Realist
an Optimist
Wolf's Clothing

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Edition of the Washington Post Style Contest:

Iwishsetter: Imaginary best friend

Twinebriated: Seeing double

Westwingnut: A president you didn't vote for

Twentiming: Keeping 19 mistresses

Retrowitted: Thought of a clever comeback too late, but included it when recounting the incident to someone else

Twilite: Sunset over Los Angeles

Twitterboarded: Drowned in tweets

Whineternet: The blogosphere

Typewrither: Carpal tunnel victim

Bidwetting: Excessive reaction to winning an auction on eBay

Toiletdew: A euphemism for seat splatter

Acqwitted: Found innocent of any sense of humor

OMG-lo: Chat-speak to describe a lack of excitement in life.

Ikeaburger:A Swedish meatball

If 12 am is witching hour...

What is 3.15 am....

"Owl"ing hour or "Lark"ing hour?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quoting an Indian born and bred, now aussie citizen had to say about the "racial" attacks in Australia.....

"not only indians, but asian, aussies are also getting belted. the govt laws are the problem. 90% of these attacks are committed by juvenile, than 17 yr old big gangs who look for easy pickings....

cops have no right to catch states they cannot be arrested but only fined 550 aud....hahhaha....

radical changes to law and more powers to police....
going to court will cost the victim about 15000 aud minimum....threats aside....
hence they are not reported....

attacks are carried out at railway stations....bus stops..pertol pumps after 8pm....students...couple retunring from work.lot of these kids are on ecstacy...drugs..hence cannot think straight...
we try and take extra precaution....

racism thats the wrong term to use...multi many ethinic minorities....
there is a bit of misunderstanding etc..
but attacks were all opportunistic ones for a quick penny and a ciggy...
thats about it

well to end it all ....after having observed the indian media and the quality of their reporting.....
i can say TOINS is out to make come quick COINS...that about...
sensationalise everything....
cheap tricks ....."

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am increasingly starting to believe

that mankind has achieved terminal velocity .


I am steadily coming to the conclusion that

the desire for utopia on earth is just a figment of chimerical aspirations.

Humanity thrives on chaos!!!