Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another Edition of the Washington Post Style Contest:

Iwishsetter: Imaginary best friend

Twinebriated: Seeing double

Westwingnut: A president you didn't vote for

Twentiming: Keeping 19 mistresses

Retrowitted: Thought of a clever comeback too late, but included it when recounting the incident to someone else

Twilite: Sunset over Los Angeles

Twitterboarded: Drowned in tweets

Whineternet: The blogosphere

Typewrither: Carpal tunnel victim

Bidwetting: Excessive reaction to winning an auction on eBay

Toiletdew: A euphemism for seat splatter

Acqwitted: Found innocent of any sense of humor

OMG-lo: Chat-speak to describe a lack of excitement in life.

Ikeaburger:A Swedish meatball

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