Monday, December 15, 2008

Romila Thapar ,Arun Shourie, Hinduism, History of India, what insanity bug has bitten me.....????

I am no student of history nor a dabbler with an occasional "nose deep in popular history tomes". (actually was mighty glad to see the last of my history books in class X, those many moons ago)

So what am I doing reading the 300+ pages "History of India, Volume One" authored by Romila Thapar who seems to have a formidable reputation as a marxist historian as well as several detractors,Arun Shourie for one.

As I mentioned someplace else, I need to exorcise the devils of confusion about this rant about "communal" interpretation of Indian history. So what better place to begin than with an impulsive buy(confession:had certain questions about indian history pre internet is GOD insanity phase and thought this book would answer the questions BUT post purchase promptly forgot the reasons for the purchase )gathering dust in the library.

So when I am in a state of "illumined consciousness a la Indian History" I would probably share a few of those thoughts with my non existant readers :). Till such time.........


Animesh said...

well, one reader definitely exists :). You are now on my Google Reader, and would look forward to more posts from you.


CAT said...

Lost your way is it..:)!!

But hey thanks for dropping by and adding my blog to your Google Reader. :))


1conoclast said...

2 exist actually.

Am waiting to hear your views, though not too eagerly, considering how our last Amitabh Bachchan conversatino went!

CAT said...

Come on 1con the Amitabh Bachchan convo ended in a VERY amicable way :D

and am sure this one too whenever it springs up will be conducted in the very same vein. :)