Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oui, c'est moi avec le violon (picture coming later!)

A pat on my back...a diminutive trifle,a minuscule ripple of achievement but a first for this 42 year old (going on 32 :))!!

My little 5.5 year old angel (a.k.a. brat) has been learning the violin past 2 years in the western classical genre under competent guidance through the Suzuki Method of music education. One very imperative ligament in this methodology is active parent participation. To say that this journey past two years has been laborious for mommie and some for baby would not be far from truth. She will graduate from her Book 1 next April ! Yaaaay!!!! But more on that when she does.

Now spotlights back on mommie.... :)

So around 2 months back , after a suitable period of spurring by kiddo's teacher, I decided to venture into learning to play the violin myself :), following exactly the same syllabus which kiddo is following.

Now TODAY a group of kids at an advanced level were graduating from their book levels and as is the norm there was a public concert showcasing their repertoire and skills. And the SURPRISE, in the words of the presenter, of the day was a group performance by 6 mommies who are taking baby steps into the world of violin just like me.(was kidding with other moms that THE surprise would probably have to be me passing out on stage :))

So to cut to the chase....2 simple short songs, no casualties, fair amount of applause!!! MY VERY FIRST VIOLIN PERFORMANCE IN PUBLIC.
(after negligent and in diligent practice sessions, moi guilty:( )

Am taking a bow :)


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Courtesy demands that I should have thanked you many days back. So Danke Frau A.I.

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Merci monsieur 1con!