Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Day, First very first EVER!!

Ghajini,Aamir Khan,8 packs..........3 hour (yawnnnnnn) salmagundi of twaddle, kitsch, savagery,vulnerability, uninspired edit job,one splendidly choreographed song (what a riot of color), tortuousness (torture at times) and some superlative histrionics. It is Aamir and Aamir ONLY who could have so potently lugged (note the word usage) the movie along (on his very expansive & recently framed frame.....which DOES NOT distract only beefs up).

p.s.1: A longgggggggg movie begs for a short review!
p.s.2: Would recommend the sophisticated hollywood "inspiration" ( anteretrograde amenesia and revenge, then they part ways) Memento anytime!!

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