Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Mr. Thackrey,

Mr. Bal Thackrey,do put your resources (manpower/lackeys/faithfuls and monies) where your mouth (piece) is and actualize the genesis of professional elite "hindu terrorists" who will successfully foray across our borders in the north /northwest to surgically cauterize the rabid training camps and perhaps assist in putting a hold on the infiltration across our very "porous" border in the east.

Please,PLEASE ,do consider it is a fantastic opportunity to provide employment for your sena with the attractive dividend of having your detractors eat their words!


1conoclast said...


THIS one is my favourite post on your blog!!!

What a wonderful smack in the face!


1conoclast said...

2 more things:

a) You accord the swine too much respect. The prefix Mr. is reserved for people one can respect. Unless you're being deliberately catty!

b) Is reminiscent of vajpayee's slap in his face when his goons dug up the kotla pitch.

CAT said...

Thanks for the appreciation! :)

When provoked I am pretty good at what I call frigid politeness.This was but a nibble!