Saturday, November 15, 2008

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THE NAMESAKE (from my archives :))
Mira Nair in the Namesake displays her savvy in giving that perspicacious edge while narrating a story .All the elements of a good story existed,but some of it was lost in translation. What I thought was lacking was the screenplay adaptation of the book and perhaps the editing.

Irfan Khan, he is BRILLIANT as Ashok Ganguli.......from the bengali inflections to a T,the subdued persona, the subtle charm, the sagacity, the father, the husband. He is a versatile actor.....seen another of his movie(don't remember the name) as a villain ......he was absolutely chilling.

Saw a couple of Tabu's recent TV interviews ......she came across as unsophisticated,almost rough-hewn,unadulterated,displaying matter-of-fact profundity and her face,body language mark of singular talent.She seamlessly transformed herself into her onscreen role b'coz Tabu IS Ashima Ganguli.

Both Tabu & Irfan made a beautiful couple with their non effusive love , tenderness, caring.

Kal Penn as Gogol/Nikhil Ganguli portrayed the myriad tones of his character with competence.

There were 2 occurrences in the movie that moved me to tears,copious, b'coz it struck a very personal cord.

All in all I would say watching the movie was like sitting in a Lexus on mirror smooth highway for 1.5 hrs in air conditioned comfort...almost monotonous pace , the view outside striking most of the way ...but did not feel the spirit,the sparkle!! I think Jhumpa Lahiri's written version in conjunction with Mira Nair's celluloid version may do the trick for me.

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