Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I wanna be Will Hunting!!

Some years back while on one of my rare channel surfing sprees I came across the movie on TV, Good Will Hunting and I fell like a ton of bricks for Will Hunting. And by some sort of correlation for Matt Damon ....sighhhh..... And that does not happen very often, believe me you. In fact hubby dearest is resigned to this transgression :)...I don't obsess as much about George Clooney as I do about Matt Damon!! And on my persistant insistence hubby did watch the movie and loved it!!

But coming back to topic....I wanna be this Will Hunting, well the ameliorated varient minus the emotional cross he bears.......naahhh what the heck, for being as prodigiously gifted, I could live with that too.

Just hear/read this dialogue from the movie....

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