Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm gonna be 32 till I die ( with due apologies to Bryan Adams)

I started my 42nd last month !

And along with my 5.5 year old angelic (nah impish...nahhhh cherubic) wonder going under the guise of my kid, on a special earthly mission to teach me a thing or two about patience, and an amazing (pretty close)hubby, we make an interesting threesome. :) But more on that some other time!

So what the "42 going on 32" is this all about! Many pals virtual and real (first encounter) world could have sworn that I was hovering somewhere in the vicinity of mid 30's ( the right side what else!)

Was it perhaps I am a puerile frothy specimen of the Giddy Thirties rather than in possession of the relative antiquated profundity of the Roaring Forties ?
Perhaps hearing kiddo's age they do a quick mental arithmetic to slot me ?

I dunno, I did not ask........

Methinks my Peter "32" Pan complex is something to do with my air of suspended existence which has something to do with moi getting married at 32!! My creaking body (nah just kidding) may disagree, I have not aged in that esoteric realmish sense since I turned the 32nd page. I have been leading an unconventional life with an unconventional husband leading to unconventional attitudes!

So there, I'm gonna be 32 till I die!

Bryan Adams - "18 Till I Die "lyrics

"I wanna be young the rest of my life
never say no - try anything twice
til the angels come and ask me to fly
I'm gonna be 18 til I die - 18 til I die

can't live forever that's wishful thinkin'
who ever said that must of bin' drinkin'
don't wanna grow up I don't see why
I couldn't care less if time flies by

18 til I die - gonna be 18 til I die
it sure feels good to be alive
someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55! - 18 til I die

anyway - I just wanna say
why bother with what happened yesterday
it's not my style I live for the minute
if ya wanna stay young get both feet in it - 18 til I die

a 'lil bit of this - a 'lil bit of that
'lil bit of everything - gotta get on track
it's not how ya look, it's what ya feel inside
I don't care when - I don't need ta know why

18 til I die - gonna be 18 til I die
ya it sure feels good to be alive
someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55! - 18 til I die
ya there's one thing for sure - I'm sure gonna try

don't worry 'bout the future - forget about the past
gonna have a ball - ya we're gonna have a blast
gonna make it last - 18 til I die"

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