Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Parking Pirouettes

I hate what they show but many women (not ME) do make lousy drivers :-(.


Or is this a stereotype! There are men who have "parking disabilities" and make careless road freaks. Why poke fun at women alone...Anybody with answers???????????


hitch writer said...

Its only to say woman are silly drivers probably coz they are few in numbers especially in our country...

Men are too many and so many are lousy... but... numbers matter !!!

A. I. said...

Women are meant to sit in the back seat and men are supposed to drive them wherever they want to go. THAT is how God intended it. When men shirk their duties and women undertake male tasks, this happens.

Nature intended women to be back seat drivers. Yes. Do not mess with nature.

A. I. said...

Meanwhile there is good news elsewhere...unless something has changed since the posting of this clip on Youtube.

3 cheers!

CAT said...


A.I.: That was malentendu, if anything at all.

CAT said...

The Tehran clip was refreshly "unmanly" :-)

Aman said...

It only goes to show that no fact is 100% universal. Men with poor sense of direction (me!) exist, men with parking problems do exist, men who're irritatingly tentative drivers also exist; as do women who're good & confident drivers. The percentage of each group that I've mentioned does seem to be smaller than the mainstream group.

Women as a rule seem intimidated around machinery. The rules are changing now, with increased exposure blurring gender lines.

Chikki said...

hahaha..This is so funny.
I always believed Women are lousy drivers.
Infact I remember myself guessing women drivers from behind their vehicles.
Having said that, I don't mean all of them ofcourse. We have so many buses here in Singapore being driven by lady-drivers.