Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

Hmmm............ on one of my very recent cerebral rambles (which happens with a greater frequency that I can keep tabs on and which traverse many a strange paths) I realized, looking back , most (all ?) of my close affiliations / people I gravitate towards (that would NOT be all "friends"), via some subliminal forces, ALL have certain common distinctive traits and congruous life maps (some sections) which become apparent much later into the association.


So is it some sort of extra sensory reaction to a person?

Or is it a sense of lingering "deja vu", if I may so call it, which guides at some phrenic layer?

Or am a I closet clairvoyant?

But,I consider myself rational and I let rationality steer my intuitive cues, so......

Dunno!!! Any thoughts, anybody????


HyperActiveX said...

This is probably a reflection of oneself, inasmuch as one tends to seek those specific aspects in people that engage one's own interests or resonate with one's own values or are common to one's own belief systems.

Perhaps all we do, in a sense, is to connect with ourselves albeit in the physical form of others. Perhaps all love is a manifestation of narcissism, in the same sense.

CAT said...

what you say about resonance may perhaps be true..nay is true! but what i was alluding to was something else....

its not so much about my persona as is about moi having affinity for people who have similarities with EACH OTHER...not necessarily with me....and i realize this after i have developed some sort of rapport with them and become privy to aspects of their life and their spirit and their substance!!

and i believe (while it may be some form of narcissism in many instances,our connections) we do tend to form associations with those who apparently fill voids in our personality.

wot say?