Monday, October 12, 2009

I very recently heard a quip that we Indians are a nation full of people who just love their "shortcuts" (a method, procedure, policy, etc., that reduces the time or energy needed to accomplish something. so are we merely improving our individual efficacy/productivity when we jump traffic signals,break queues,pay bribes etc etc?????


HyperActiveX said...

I recently wrote a post on "Jugaad" that might address this question. Here it is

CAT said...

To me, Devita Saraf's article seems shallow and what she has attempted delineate is something we most of us are aware of,no? Or perhaps my reading of her piece is shallow?

India has had a track record for successful reverse engineering ;could that be classified under "engineering jugaad"?

Does jugaad emphasize more on "short cuts",the ensuing effect on other stakeholders be damned?

Or is jugaad innovating to resolve a problem according to prevalent environment with minimal/available resources?

And where exactly does China score over us to be able to produce arguable quality products and cheaply?

CAT said...

and will jugaad/frugal engineering transform us into an entity which can compete globally on strength of low capital innovative products OR just make us self sufficient to tackle our requirements indigenously?