Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Abstract from Abstraction.....

The history of this abstract of colors ...the CAT brand of pointillisms if I may :-) about 6 years old. 

Fine art is not a subject hubby dearest likes to gush about, BUT Van Gogh is one artist he is truly impressed with, both his life and his work. Irises happens to be his favorite Van Gogh . Come July six  years ago, hubby's birthday on the 25th and I was as usual wondering what to gift him...something that he would not buy himself AND what I could afford to buy!! Arriving at the dead end of my wits, I asked.. nay pestered him to suggest suitable options. At the end of a weary day of questioning (for him) out popped a "copy of Irises"..rational being that he loves it and I would be putting in more energy than I would have in a couple of hours of gift shopping venture. So brimming with enthusiasm I go shopping for the supplies and there I was, all set to produce my version of the masterpiece!

To cut a 6 year old story short, come 25th, the painting was at stage 2.5 of 10 of completion and hubby was presented an incomplete CAT masterpiece. And the easel with the incomplete canvas stood witness to every birthday thereafter and as a ritual every July since,  I readied my painting supplies for some sliver of inspiration to complete the painting be packed back for an annual hibernation. Until last week!!

Way past midnight, sleep had evaded me and birthday gift hunting restlessness created some sort of force field around the canvas and I found myself with brush and paint and some avatar of the Muse! 

And there she lies ready, nothing like intended and finally complete! My birthday gift to hubby. He approved!! :-)

p.s.: Being an equal if not bigger fan of Irises, I will eventual paint a copy....that is a promise to myself.

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