Sunday, June 27, 2010

Musings of the un-mused.....

I don't want to facebook, I don't want to surf the net,I don't want to watch the TV, I don't want to be stimulated via discussion by participation nor by observing while forming my mute opinions,I don't want to network, I don't want to 'hope to change the world',I don't want to be inspired,I don't want to "create" something,I WANT TO BE STILL......

I want to live in my head! And wallow in the essence of the collective comprehension of the universe as I see it. Is that regression (used to do this as a kid) or progression or mere depression...NOT!!!!

And in rebellion to the spirit embodied in the above "rant", maybe I will now go pour over the newspapers ......nah! Am off to drench and drown myself in a dog eared tome till I emerge out for some fresh air!



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joven said...

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