Thursday, March 25, 2010

It is interesting to observe
how some people argue about a subject
over a longish period of time.....
their views NOW are
diametrically opposite (surreptitiously or deliberately ??)
and a third person
would be none the wiser
as it has been projected as the initial point of view.



Anonymous said...

LOL if it's a politician then surreptitiously and deliberately.

But ordinary people, I feel, seem to cling to what they believe.

CAT said...

well yes about politicians...but i don't waste my time observing them coz this behavior is a given for them.

its the regular people that intrigue me....and have i seen some!
every person is entitled to change their opinions but what is amusing (and sometimes irksome)is when they present their "new" enlightened perspectives to a "newcomer" as if that's how they always thought.....