Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Question

I have successfully managed to muddle my kid, all 6.8 years of her!!

The other day kiddo pointed out to a random man on the street while being chauffeured by moi, from school to home," Does he believe in Gandhiji?"

She has been taught in school that she has to be "good" because God is watching all and that God has created everything around her and of course all the other beautiful "truths" about God have been revealed to her.

Now was this question directly proportional to hodgepodge created in her mind because of my questioning existence of God AND because of the healthy dose of Gandhi they are exposed to in school and the near legend/God like iconic status attributed to him?

So should I try uncloud her befuddlement or let "wisdom" which comes with age (ahem!!) take its natural course and unravel it for her ???

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